Chef Bartolino Cocuzza

Chef Bartolino Cocuzza grew up in a large Sicilian family just outside of
New York City, which is where he developed his love of cooking. To this day,
he continues to reflect his mother’s traditional Sicilian recipes in his own

At age 17, Chef Bartolino moved to Dallas to open Angelo’s Pizza, with
the assistance of his parents. Eager to delve into French cuisine as well,
he joined the Club Corporation of America, where he specialized in soups,
sauces, and vegetables.

Over the next decade, Chef Bartolino worked for a variety of renowned
restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Baby Routh, Cacharel, Jordon’s,
and Ravioli’s all benefited from his expertise, while giving him the chance
to hone his skills and develop his culinary talents.

In 1991, Chef Bartolino realized his dream by opening the 48-seat Amici
Signature Italian restaurant. Amici represents a culmination of Chef
Bartolino’s many talents, a merging of the traditional with the eclectic to
create something truly unique. The standing menu and the daily specials
allow him to express his creativity, and give him ample opportunity to
please and delight guests.